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What You Need To Know

Fill In The True Value Of The Goods

Do not lower the value of the goods to achieve the purpose of provincial tariffs, because once the customs price can not pass the inspection abroad, the inspection cost is huge and the miscellaneous fees such as field rent and cabinet rent are also very high. record.

Select A Professional Customs Broker

After foreign customs declaration, if the goods are inspected or deducted, the customs will not disclose the information of the goods and the reason for the inspection or deduction to any third party (other than the consignee and the customs broker). It is very important to choose a professional customs broker.

Pay Attention To Intellectual Property

Do not export imitation and counterfeit products. The inspection of intellectual property rights is very strict in foreign countries. Once the goods are confiscated and the credit record is seriously affected, every ticket must be checked for some time, and the cost is high.

Our Service Process
The seller prepares the goods, provides the packing list, the invoice, and confirms the delivery time and transportation method
The seller delivers the goods to the racing warehouse or arranges a special car to pick up the goods
Race inspection, packaging inspection, preparation of customs documents, booking space
Declare and clear the goods to the airport
The goods leave China and inform the customer of the order number
The cargo arrives at the destination airport and arranges for customs clearance
Make an appointment for warehouse delivery time
According to the scheduled delivery time, deliver to the warehouse safely and on time
Notices Of FBA
Air Freight FBA: Racing arranges 12 airfreight flights per week. Airfreight is transferred to the country for UPS delivery. Orders will be cut off at 21:00 from Monday to Saturday, and the transfer will start at 23:00 on the same day. The tracking number and cargo information can be checked the next day. From the date of finding the information, it takes about 4-6 days to reach the Amazon warehouse in Europe, 5-7 days to the Amazon warehouse in the United States, and 3-5 days to the Amazon warehouse in Japan. Racing will provide timely feedback on cargo dynamics and assist in handling problems.

Since Amazon warehouses have strict requirements on cartons, it is recommended that customers use tough cartons to pack products.

Each box of goods is affixed with 2 FBA labels (recommended to be affixed to the upper left corner of both sides of the carton), and each product is affixed with a MADE IN CHINA label

Due to transportation and UPS delivery requirements, the actual weight of each product cannot exceed 30KG. If it exceeds 30KG, an additional 40RMB/piece will be charged per box, but each piece cannot exceed 50KG.

Size Requirements: the longest side of the goods cannot exceed 170CM, if the sum of one length, two widths and two heights exceeds 330CM, an additional 388/piece shall be charged

The built-in battery products must be insulated and packaged (and the charged products should be indicated on the packing list invoice, so as not to affect the plane and cause unnecessary additional costs)

Volume weight calculation method: length CM X width CM X height CM/6000 = volume weight (KG)

The following information is required for delivery: invoice and packing list, shipment ID (Shipment ID) and Amazon back-end reference number (Reference ID)

Please log on to the following website to learn about brand property rights:China Customs has registered products with intellectual property rights
China Customs has registered brand query address:
US Intellectual Property Inquiry Network:;