Five flights every week, with a variety of goods
that can be transported.
International Air Freight Solutions
The international air line is the major service of Racing Logistics. The service utilizes the advantages of Hong Kong's air transportation resources and foreign customs clearance resources to combine the two to create a cross-border international line service with fast timeliness and strong customs clearance. It is especially suitable for products that are difficult to transport and clear customs, and are bulky, heavy, and shipped in batches. The quality of this service is guaranteed, the safety is higher, the price is good, and tracking information can be found throughout the process, it is a guaranteed choice for customers' package delivery to the world.
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Top Reasons To Choose Our Solutions

1. Fast Speed

—— Port vehicles pass through the port every day, and direct flights to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, and other places on Mon., Wed., Fri., and Sun. After customs clearance, the goods can be transferred to the corresponding processing center on the same day, using UPS/FEDEX/DPD/TNT/ And other logistics service delivery.

2. Channel Line

——The parcels are processed on the day of the race, and the flight on the second or third day is rushed. Because of the fixed contract and cooperation, the air freight space has been booked in advance during the peak season, so there is no need to worry about the problem of warehouse explosion.

3.Tracking The Whole Process

——When the customer places an order, a tracking number can be generated, and after the package is cleared, it can be tracked and inquired on our website.

4. Value-added Services

——Provide additional package insurance, package forwarding to FBA, overseas warehouse, business address, and other value-added services.

5. Special goods

——Transit includes pure batteries, cosmetics, food, e-cigarettes, consumables, etc. Please consult customer service in detail.