One-stop custody service, full compensation
for missed and wrong sent.
Domesitc Warehousing
Our supply chain section is a core business branch created by the company to realize the vision of "based on China and serve the world". Based on the company’s international express, air and sea services, we connect the entire supply chain of cross-border logistics and transportation together, and through the careful design and continuous optimization of the professional team, we provide an economical and reliable one stop for global cross-border e-commerce sellers. -Style logistics services to help sellers sell their products to the world. At present, we have Amazon FBA first, transit, and various To B-to-door transportation, customs clearance and delivery services from China to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Dubai and other places. Through the organic combination of air and sea transportation, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution for cross-border e-commerce stocking.