Five flights every week, with a variety of goods
that can be transported.
FedEx (FedEx) is one of the world's largest express delivery companies. Its service scope covers 220 countries and regions. It is a wide-ranging, safe and reliable, fast-time, door-to-door international express service.

It is suitable for transporting higher-value, time-sensitive shipments. Services are divided into priority type (IP) and economy type (IE).
Advantages of FEDEX

1. Fast speed:

Global delivery takes 2-7 working days to complete the delivery;

2 Tracking the whole process:

Online tracking and inquiries throughout the entire process until the delivery is completed; general goods, built-in electricity and matching electrical products, high-value goods, sensitive goods (skin care products, pure batteries, etc.) can be received, and normal transfer is possible; that is, a transfer order;

Official Website
After the goods leave the Racing logistics processing center, they can see the receipt record on the HKFEDEX query website on the same day as the goods pass through the port. You can check the whole tracking information on the HKFEDEX website, and you can check the signing time and person's name.

1. The tracking query website is:

2. After the customer submits the package to Racing Logistics on the same day, Racing Logistics handles the package that evening and arranges for the parcel to be sent to the FedEx warehouse in Hong Kong the next morning. Under normal circumstances, customers can check the Hong Kong receiving and sending information on the official website of Hong Kong Federation in the afternoon of the second day of parcel delivery.

3. Inquiry method of Hong Kong Federal International Courier Service: -Log in to and enter the FedEx tracking number to check;
Logistics Dynamics
HKFEDEX DAY1 receipt preparation; FEDEX will pick up the goods at our warehouse (start transshipment)
HKFEDEX DAY1 receipt preparation; DAY2 port vehicle delivered to FEDEX transshipment center (start transshipment)
Service Timeliness
Hong Kong FEDEX agency price (HKFEDEX): supporting batteries (including more than 2 batteries), imitation brand and aviation prohibited products are not accepted

Hong Kong FEDEX Sensitive Price (HKFEDEX-BA): First-line imitation brand and aviation contraband are not accepted

Hong Kong FEDEX Economic Price (HKFEDEX): Charged with magnetism, imitation brand and aviation contraband are not accepted
Service Difference
Hong Kong FEDEX agency price (HKFEDEX): One order to the end, global service, 0.5KG minimum, European and American price advantage

Hong Kong FEDEX sensitive price (HKFEDEX-BA): can be connected to cosmetics, can be connected to pure batteries, and can be supplied with matching batteries (the product has a built-in battery)

Hong Kong FEDEX economic price (HKFEDEX): one order to the end, Hong Kong direct delivery, 0.5KG minimum; volume/5000 etc.
Volume Weight Limit
The longest side of a single piece does not exceed 1.2 meters, and a single piece does not exceed 70KG.
For a single piece of ultra-long and heavy parcels, please consult our customer service staff before shipping.
Prohibited Items
1. Dangerous goods, liquids, powders, gambling equipment, engines, motors, etc. prohibited by aviation.
2. The country expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, precious metals, currencies, and other infringing products.
3. Documents with a declared value of more than $100 and packages with a declared value of more than $50,000.
Insurance and Claims
1. For packages purchased with insurance, insurance charges and compensation shall be implemented in accordance with the introduction clause of "Insurance Service" of Racing Logistics.

2. Claims for packages that are not insured shall be settled according to the following terms:
a) For small, out of stock, damaged parcels If the weight, quantity, and number of parcels received by the recipient do not match or are damaged, please report the loss or damage to the destination FEDEX within 24 hours after receiving the parcel. And within 7 working days, the recipient's local registration number will be provided to our company for the investigation and claim of FEDEX. If verified by FEDEX, the maximum compensation is free shipping, and the declared value of the compensation package shall not exceed 100 USD. Part of the damage or loss shall be compensated according to the percentage of the actual lost quantity, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed USD 100.
b) Loss of parcels due to customs inspections When the postal package passes through the customs, the customs opens the postal package for inspection, which may result in the loss of the postal package, the loss of all or part of the contents of the postal package, or the seizure of the postal package by the customs. Racing Logistics does not assume any responsibility for this.
Order System Operation
1. Item description
It is necessary to fill in the actual product name and quantity when declaring the product name. No gifts or sample declarations are accepted.

2. Declared value
HKFEDEX has no requirements for declared value. Customers can decide the amount to fill in by themselves. It is recommended to declare according to the actual declared value of the goods to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3. Recipient's address
HKFEDEX does not accept PO BOX email address, and the recipient's phone number must be provided. The above information should be filled in English, and other languages cannot be used.
International Express Return
If HKFEDEX is returned to the sender due to the recipient’s failure to sign for receipt, the package cannot enter the destination customs, or the failure to provide handling advice within the prescribed time limit, the package will be returned to the sender, and the shipping fee for the return from the destination country to Hong Kong or Shenzhen will be paid by the sender bear. Racing Logistics will automatically deduct related fees from the sender’s account (Racing Logistics will provide FEDEX related fee bills)
Delivery Requirements
1. Item description:
When you declare the product name, you need to fill in the English product name of the package, the value of a single product, and the quantity of the product; when you declare the product name as a gift, you need to fill in [Unsolicited Gifts Not For Resale]; Detailed description information; for video and other audio-visual products, you need to fill in the summary, length, time and purpose of the consignment of the video.

2. Declared value:
FedEx has no requirements for declared value. Customers can decide the amount to fill in. It is recommended to declare according to the actual declared value of the goods to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3. Recipient's address:
FedEx does not accept PO BOX email addresses. The recipient's phone number must be provided. The above information should be filled in English, not other languages. Packaging requirements Please pay attention to the packaging to be intact and not easily damaged. Except for the address label, try not to carry other irrelevant marks on the outside of the packaging bag. For fragile products, it is best to have a fragile product mark on the outer package, in the middle of the front of the parcel. , Affix the address label printed from the racing logistics system, please pack your package properly to avoid damage in transit.