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Southeast Asia Route
1: Singapore, Malaysia special line general cargo direct flight price is as low as 19/KG, 2-3 working days! Large quantity single inquiry

2: Singapore, Malaysia promotion channel price is as low as 12.4/KG, 8-10 working days! Large quantity single inquiry

3: The price of Australian special line general goods is as low as 49.5/KG, and the time limit is 6-8 working days!

4: Thailand's land transport logistics, land transport bulk cargo dedicated line can go to commodity inspection, brand manifest inquiries!

5: The Iranian special line is affected by political factors. The four major logistics lines are all cancelled. The special line is the first choice, documents, samples, and commercial parts are all available!

6. The Manila special line in the Philippines has fast logistics speed and relatively favorable prices. The sea freight special line is economical and has many product names!

7. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar are for you to choose!
Top Reasons To Choose Our Solutions

U.S. Warehouse Advantages

Our schedule in the USA is three times a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the order will be cut off at 18:00 in the afternoon, and the goods will be loaded after inspection (Containment requirements: the principle of first-come-first-going goods). It takes 14-15 days to reach the US port and about 2-4 days to reach the Amazon warehouse.

European Warehouse Advantages

Our fixed European shipping schedule is twice a week. We will cut off orders at 18:00 on Wednesdays and Fridays, and we will load the containers after inspection(Containment requirements: first come first go principle). It takes 24-25 days to reach the British port, and about 2-4 days to reach the Amazon warehouse.

FBA Advantages

We can provide door-to-door service for almost all Amazon FBA warehouses. For FBA warehouses located in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada, we provide exclusively developed routes to Amazon sellers. There are economical and fast services for customers to choose from. FCL and LCL are our strengths, and we customize personalized services according to customers' own needs.

FBA Shipping Range
Canada FBA Warehouse
US FBA Warehouse
UK FBA Warehouse
Mexico FBA Warehouse
European FBA Warehouse
France FBA Warehouse
Spain FBA Warehouse
Italy FBA Warehouse
Japanese FBA Warehouse

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