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USA Route
The USA special line is the international special line service of Racing Logistics. This service is guaranteed, safer, cost-effective, and tracking information can be found throughout the process. It is a guaranteed choice for customers to deliver American parcels.

Fast speed:

Five cuts and three open, four cuts and two open at least two water vessels per week, Yantian Port has direct flights to Vancouver for 15 days, Toronto for 22 days, APL Express Channel, Toronto, Canada customs clearance, after customs clearance, the goods can be transferred to the Canadian Processing Center on the same day , Use truck delivery or UPS logistics service delivery.

Channel line:

When the customer places an order, a tracking number can be generated, and after the package is cleared, it can be tracked and inquired on our website.

Value-added services:

Value-added services such as additional insurance for packages and transshipment of packages to other overseas warehouses and business addresses in Canada can be provided.

Special goods:

Transit includes: pure batteries, cosmetics, food, e-cigarettes, consumables, etc. Please consult customer service in detail.

Shipping bulk cargo delivery process
Racing Logistics has fixed the US shipping schedule as two shifts a week.
On Thursday and Friday, the order will be cut off at 18:00 pm, and the goods will be loaded after inspection. (Container arrangement requirements: first come first go principle) after departure. It takes about 18 days for the express boat (12 days for the express boat) to arrive at the port of Los Angeles, and it takes about 2-4 days to arrive at the Amazon warehouse after customs clearance and pickup.
FCL shipping delivery process
1. Booking;
2. SO, namely the warehousing notice;
3. Confirm the loading time and arrange the driver;
4. Customs declaration;
5. Check the warehouse receipt;
6. One-time replenishment;
7. Check the copy of the bill of lading;
8. The bill is confirmed, and the payment is released;
9. The bill of lading
LCL By Sea
Racing Logistics provides you with the most professional international freight forwarding services.
Racing Logistics is the booking agent of OOCL, MAERSK, APL, CMA, MOL, MCC, COSCO, and many other shipowners.
It has comprehensive services at home and abroad.
On the Internet, no matter where the goods go, we can start from your needs and tailor the best low-cost, high-efficiency LCL plan for you.
FCL By Sea
Racing Logistics cooperates closely with world-class shipping companies, such as OOCL, APL, MAERSK, CMA, COSCO and many other shipowners to provide you with very competitive prices, best services, and reliable space Guarantee and provide high-quality booking service.
Our shipping FCL covers major routes around the world, and provides a wealth of containers, special containers, and freezer products.
Under the premise of providing you with a reliable space guarantee, you will have more choices.
Top Reasons To Choose Our Solutions

U.S. Warehouse Advantages

Our schedule in the USA is three times a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the order will be cut off at 18:00 in the afternoon, and the goods will be loaded after inspection (Containment requirements: the principle of first-come-first-going goods). It takes 14-15 days to reach the US port and about 2-4 days to reach the Amazon warehouse.

European Warehouse Advantages

Our fixed European shipping schedule is twice a week. We will cut off orders at 18:00 on Wednesdays and Fridays, and we will load the containers after inspection(Containment requirements: first come first go principle). It takes 24-25 days to reach the British port, and about 2-4 days to reach the Amazon warehouse.

FBA Advantages

We can provide door-to-door service for almost all Amazon FBA warehouses. For FBA warehouses located in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Canada, we provide exclusively developed routes to Amazon sellers. There are economical and fast services for customers to choose from. FCL and LCL are our strengths, and we customize personalized services according to customers' own needs.

FBA Shipping Range
Canada FBA Warehouse
US FBA Warehouse
UK FBA Warehouse
Mexico FBA Warehouse
European FBA Warehouse
France FBA Warehouse
Spain FBA Warehouse
Italy FBA Warehouse
Japanese FBA Warehouse

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